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Here teachers may find some useful links, PPS presentations about the Patron Saints of the British Isles, links to online dictionaries, English Games using sounds, words, sentences, etc.

Don't forget that you also have access to the students' room, in case you need some useful material whenever you lack the time to produce them on your own!

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Useful Stuff

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Crossword Construction Kit


Professional Dictionary

 Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools 


5-Minutes Games - whenever a class ends up a tiny bit earlier...

 Numbers & Letters: Students choose a letter at random and a number from 1 to 7. They will have to recall as many English words as possible, starting with the chosen letter and with the given number of letters.

Vowels & Consonants: Students choose three vowels and five consonants They will have to recall as many English words as possible, using such letters. (Part of, or all of them!)

Grammar "Stop"!: Students may play the traditional Portuguese game known as "Stop", replacing the common categories by different types of words.(Nouns/ Adjectives/ etc).

Pictionary: Use this game in English language or put the different categories on the board. Choose a volunteer to come to the board. The volunteer chooses a category which is marked (X) for everyone to know. The volunteer will have to draw an image which may allow the class to find out what it is in English!

The Donkey!: This game may be played either using letters or words. The teacher always starts a session with a letter from the alphabet, in their order. Then each student must think of one or more words using that letter, so that he or she may propose a new letter to the board. Letters can be placed both before and after the previous one. Each time a student gives a new letter, students will have to recall new words since there is a letter that was not there before. The problem is when someone, while thinking of a new letter to offer, closes or finishes a word! The Donkey is found! Therefore, the main goal is to offer a letter which does not finish the word but complicates the next player's turn.
    If a player imagines that the previous one offered a letter at random and was not thinking of any word at all... explanations may be asked from the previous student. If the student had a word , the current player is in fact the Donkey. However, if the previous player was not thinking of a word at all, then he or she is the real

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